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Mini-Audit and Consultative Surveys: Radiation Oncology (Revised 12-12-19)

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ACR Mini-Audit Survey

ACR mini-audit surveys for radiation oncology are conducted at the request of a new practice (main site only) seeking accreditation for the first time. The mini-audit survey does not guarantee accreditation but prepares the practice for a future ACR ROPA survey. The mini-audit survey process is the same as the standard accreditation survey, except the survey team provides immediate feedback as to whether the practice meets ACR ROPA program requirements or any actions are needed to come into compliance. The mini-audit survey team consists of a radiation oncologist(s) and/or a medical physicist(s) and an ACR staff member. The survey team includes either current or previous ACR ROPA Committee members. Please notify an ACR staff member as to whether you prefer one or more surveyors to participate in the survey.

ACR Consultative Survey

Consultative surveys for radiation oncology are conducted at the request of the physician or the elected chief acting on behalf of the executive committee of the medical staff. Consultative surveys are conducted when issues are identified that require unbiased, third-party review. Such issues may include concern about medical care of radiation oncology patients, resource allocation, physics/patient safety issues, or relationships between radiation oncologists, the medical staff, and/or administration. This survey process is the same as the standard accreditation survey except the process focuses on specific concerns rather than obtaining accreditation. The survey team consists of two radiation oncologists, a medical physicist and an ACR staff data manager. If the identified issues appear to be medical-physics related, two medical physicists and one radiation oncologist may be selected to perform the survey. The consultative process does not lead to accreditation.

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