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MR images are important medical records. Standardized identification of these images is important to assure that they are not lost or misinterpreted. If displayed on the image, identification should be easily readable and located so it does not overlap relevant anatomy on the image. If not displayed, the identification must be easily accessed through the DICOM header for each image provided on the CD or DVD.

The correct labeling of your images, forms and discs is critical to properly identify the materials submitted for accreditation. Incorrect or incomplete labeling will delay the accreditation process. The ACR will return your package to you if your images are not labeled properly.

The following exam identification information should be available with each image of each case and will be evaluated by the ACR reviewer:

  • Patient’s first and last names

  • Patient age or date of birth

  • Patient identification number

  • Facility name

  • Examination date

  • Laterality, left or right of midline section

  • Interslice gap

If any of these items are absent, the case will fail accreditation.

All patient information will be kept confidential by the ACR, as stated in the Practice Site Survey Agreement. 

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