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At least 2 ACR radiologist reviewers will score the 5 categories listed below (click on a category to link to articles detailing the relevant review parameters: 

Breast MRI Accreditation: Clinical Image Review Categories

A. Pulse sequences and image contrast

B. Positioning and anatomic coverage

C. Artifacts

D. Spatial and temporal resolution

E. Exam identification

Requirements are summarized in the table below. Facilities not submitting the required sequences or submitting cases that do not meet the following criteria will fail accreditation.

Required Sequences

Image Quality Criteria

Category A: 

Pulse Sequences & Image Contrast

Category B: 

Positioning & Anatomic Coverage

Category D: 

Spatial & Temporal Resolution

T2-Weighted/Bright Fluid Series

  • Adequate SNR/not too grainy
  • Sufficient bright fluid contrast
  • Adequate breast tissue inside coil
  • Breast properly positioned within coil
  • Properly positioned nipple
  • Image set covers both breasts, from axillary tails to inframammary folds
  • Minimal or no skin folds

Pre-Contrast T1

  • Adequate SNR/not too grainy
  • Slice thickness ≤ 3 mm
  • Gap ≤ 0 mm
  • In-plane pixel (phase) ≤ 1 mm
  • In-plane pixel (frequency) ≤ 1 mm
  • Early phase post-contrast T1-weighted series completed within 4 minutes of the end of the contrast injection

Early Phase Post-Contrast T1

  • Adequate SNR/not too grainy
  • If fat suppression is not evident, subtracted images also must be provided
  • Technical factors match pre-contrast T1
  • IV contrast is evident

Delayed Phase Post-Contrast T1

Facilities applying for accreditation are not required to submit phantom images for accreditation review at this time; however, the ACR may require phantom image submission as this accreditation program matures.

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