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SPECT Module: NM (1-4-2024)

Sites are required to submit two separate SPECT studies for each unit to be assessed. Each exam must be from a different patient (i.e., if Mr. Jones is submitted for a Bone Whole Body (WB) exam, you must submit a different patient for the Bone SPECT exam). 

Whenever possible, submit normal nuclear medicine exams; however, abnormal exams may be submitted if no high-quality normal studies are available. 

Bone SPECT is required, plus one exam from the following list. If the unit does not perform bone SPECT, two exams must be selected from the list below. Test Image Data forms for the exams listed here are attached below.

  • Bone SPECT exam (must include additional flow, blood pool, spots and WB if also acquired)

  • Brain SPECT* exam

  • Gallium SPECT exam (must include additional spots and WB if also acquired)

  • Hepatic blood pool or Liver SPECT exam (must include additional flow, blood pool and spots if also acquired)

  • Octreotide SPECT exam (must include additional spots and WB if also acquired)

  • I-123 or I-131 MIBG SPECT exam (must include additional spots and WB if also acquired)

  • Parathyroid SPECT exam (must include additional blood pool and delayed spots if also acquired)

Images must be displayed in multiple planes, including transverse, coronal, and sagittal. Multiple day exams MUST be clearly marked as to the delay of the post radiopharmaceutical administration. Axial only DICOM slices are strongly recommended and acceptable as long as they display in 3 planes in the Nil viewer. 

After uploading the DICOM axial slices, click on the drop down to the right of the View button and select NM + Fused 3 x 2. The DICOM file should open in a 3-view display. 

*If submitting a DaTscan for Brain SPECT, images MUST include the axial DICOM slices and must display all 3 planes.

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