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Equipment: Breast Ultrasound (Revised 02-06-2024)

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Breast ultrasound procedures must be performed with:

  • High-resolution, real-time, linear array scanners

  • Transducers operating at a center frequency of at least 12 MHz, and preferably higher (the center frequency is usually the frequency designated on the transducer; because each ultrasound system is different, you should contact the manufacturer of the ultrasound equipment if you have any questions)

  • Equipment capable of electronic focal zone(s) adjustment or automatic focal zone adjustment 

In general, the highest frequency capable of adequate penetration to the depth of interest should be used. A stand-off device may be helpful for the evaluation of superficial lesions. Other transducers may be utilized in special circumstances.

The ACR Breast Ultrasound Accreditation Program does not cover whole breast ultrasound. However, adding this type of ultrasound unit would not jeopardize your accreditation as long as your facility maintains a conventional hand-held ultrasound system to maintain your accreditation and accredits upon renewal. 

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02-06-2024AllRemoved reference to qualifications of technologists performing 3D/whole breast US.

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