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Radiologic Technologist: Mammography (Revised 05-22-2024)

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All radiologic technologists (including part-time and locum tenens staff) must meet MQSA requirements and must have initial and continuing qualification documentation available at the facility for any on-site visits. In addition, a qualification form for attestation of qualifications is required for initial, renewal and reinstatement applications. This qualification form is attached at the bottom of this article. 

Initial Qualifications

All of these:

  • Certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) OR the American Registry of Clinical Radiologic Technologists OR licensed to perform general radiographic procedures in a state AND

  • 40 hours of training in mammography (for those qualified after 4/28/99, this must include training in breast anatomy and physiology, positioning and compression, QA/QC techniques, and imaging of patients with breast implants), AND 25 mammography examinations under direct supervision of an appropriate MQSA-qualified individual, AND

  • 8 hours of training in using a mammographic modality (e.g., digital) before beginning to use that modality independently

Continuing Experience

Perform 200 mammographic examinations over a 24-month period

Continuing Education

15 Category 1 CEUs in mammography in a 36-month period

For your convenience, the Radiological Technologist Requirements Form is attached below.

The ACR follows MQSA’s Final Regulations. MQSA does not require a registered technologist to hold the ARRT’s Advanced Registry in Mammography. As long as a licensed or certified technologist becomes and remains qualified, he/she may perform mammography independently. Please review the guidance regarding “Radiologic Technologist Overview” in the FDA's Policy Guidance Help System.

Personnel changes (other than changes in lead interpreting physician, which should be reported to the ACR immediately) should be reported when your facility renews its accreditation. The FDA or state MQSA inspector will verify the qualifications of your new personnel during your next inspection.

Additional information regarding acceptable credits for and documentation of continuing education is available here.

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Updated Radiologic Technologist Qualification Form


FDA Policy Guidance Help

Updated link to the FDA's Policy Guidance Help System

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