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Mobile Unit Multi-Site Policy (Revised 3-26-2024)

Revision History

The accreditation process for mobile units differs depending upon the scenario.

Scenario 1

If a mobile unit(s) or mobile company services multiple locations that do not have the same units, interpreting physician(s) or scanning protocols, each location served by the mobile unit(s) or mobile company must apply for accreditation separately and pay the full accreditation fee.

Scenario 2

If a mobile unit(s) or mobile company services multiple locations and all locations have the same units, interpreting physician(s) and scanning protocols, the mobile unit(s) must pay full fees and submit accreditation testing at a designated main location. Each mobile location served by that unit must apply for accreditation separately and pay a reduced accreditation fee but additional testing will not be required. This scenario may not be applicable to mobile locations that have existing accredited units. If your facilities meet these requirements, please apply by filling out and submitting the form provided by the link below: 

Once the form is submitted, an account manager will contact you regarding your request. 

The discount is valid for a defined period of time and does not apply to repeats or reinstates with corrective action plans. Upon renewal, a new discount request is required.

Scenario 3

Mobile companies that bill the technical component at the corporate address may use this address on their application - provided they have the same interpreting physician(s) and scanning protocols at all locations serviced; and all mobile units in use are included. Testing can be acquired from any of the sites serviced.

Revision History for this Article



Description of Revision(s)



Article created; FAQs incorporated; No criteria changes


Scenario 2

Clarified language regarding mobile unit locations and testing requirements


Scenario 2 and 3

Added a new Scenario 2, moved original Scenario 2 to Scenario 3. Changed physician group to physician(s). Removed unit-based specific language. 


Scenario 2 and 3

Reversed the order of Scenario 2 and 3


Scenario 3

Clarified language


Scenario 2

Updated Scenario 2

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