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Governance (Revised 12-12-19)

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G.M. 1.0 - Governing Body

Standard: There is an overarching group or body that is legally responsible for the operation and performance of the entity. If the entity is part of a larger organization with an existing governing body (as in a hospital), there is an individual(s) responsible for overseeing imaging department operations and performance.

Elements of Compliance:

  • GM 1.1 The entity must have governance (body, committee, lead) in place that is responsible for establishing mission, goals and objectives of the entity.

  • GM 1.2 The governing body is responsible for approval and implementation of policies and procedures.

  • GM 1.3 The governing body is responsible for financial management, approval of contracts and other legal arrangements for the entity.

  • GM 1.4 The governing body ensures compliance with federal, state, local and other relevant regulations.

  • GM 1.5 The governing body ensures that effective communications are developed and maintained both within and external to the entity.

  • GM 1.6 The governing body ensures that patient safety and quality of care are evaluated and problems are appropriately addressed.

  • GM 1.7 The governing body should meet on a regular basis, at least annually, to review the operations and performance of the entity. Minutes or other records should be kept.

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