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Change Online User Login in ACRedit Plus (Revised 4-11-2024)

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Since each modality ID can only have one online user, it is important to use the existing login to access an account. If the current login user is no longer responsible for the accreditation process, the account should be updated to a new user.

NOTE: After the online user changes, the prior user will no longer have access to log into the modality account or any of the modality information or applications. The new online user will have the login and access to all modality information, applications, and possible PHI provided by the facility during testing package/image submissions.

There are two ways to change the online user login in ACRedit Plus:

  1. If the current online user is still with the facility, they can login to their ACRedit Plus account and select "Modality User Login" from the "Change/Update" section on the left menu. Follow the system prompts to complete the online user change. 

  2. If the current online user is no longer with the facility, ensure that the new online user has registered for an account in the ACRedit Plus system and submit a support ticket request that includes the information below:

  • Modality ID number

  • New Login Person’s First & Last Name

  • New Login Person's Email

  • New Login Person’s Phone Number

  • Login Change Request form:

    • The DMAP Login Change Request form is attached below. It must be signed by the Supervising Physician or Facility Administrator listed for the account.

    • The MAP Login Change Request form is attached below. It must be signed by the Lead Interpreting Physician listed for the account.

Alternatively, the Supervising Physician or Facility Administrator (for all modalities except mammography) or the Lead Interpreting Physician (for mammography) can submit a request that authorizes the login change directly. Please note that their names and email addresses must match the information listed in the online database or the request cannot be accepted. If you are unsure which personnel are listed on the account, please contact the accreditation department.

Login changes are modality-specific and will only change the online user for the Modality ID(s) provided in the request.


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