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Passwords are case-sensitive and are required to be changed every 90 days. If it has been more than 90 days since you last accessed the accreditation system, then you will be prompted to change your password. If it is time to change your password, you will see the following:

ACRedit Password Change Screen


If you cannot remember your previous password, you will need to click “Logout”/”Sign Out”. 


On the login screen, click “Forgot Password”:

A link will be sent to your email address to set up a new password. If the link is not valid, you will see the following text: “This link to reset your password has already been used. Please return to the login screen and click on "forgot password" to have a new link sent to your email address.

For security purposes, passwords can only be reset once in a 24-hour period.

You may not repeat a password for 24 password cycles.



Since each modality ID can only have one online user, it is important to use the existing login to access an account. If the previous user is no longer responsible for the accreditation applications, or if you only need to change some of the accounts to a new login, your Supervising Physician (Lead Interpreting Physician, in the case of mammography) or listed Facility Administrator must authorize a login change request by submitting a support ticket request.

Provide the following information in your support ticket request:

  • Modality ID number

  • New Login’s First & Last Name

  • Login’s Email

  • Login’s Phone

Please note that the names and email addresses of the supervising physician, lead interpreting physician (mammography) or facility administrator must match the information listed in the online database or else the request cannot be accepted. If you are unsure, please contact the accreditation department.

Login changes are account-specific and will only change the Modality ID(s) provided in the request.

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