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Mobile Mammography (Revised 12-12-19)

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Facilities with mobile units must call the ACR for specific instructions on accreditation. Because mobile practice settings vary significantly, the FDA has approved the ACR to provide some flexibility in accrediting mobile units. In general, mobile units may apply for accreditation as follows:

Scenario I

A mobile unit operating under a fixed, accredited, and certified facility (utilizing the same personnel) may either:

  • Accredit as an additional unit under the facility’s MQSA certification, or

  • Accredit and certify as an entirely separate facility

If the fixed facility chooses to accredit the mobile unit under its existing MQSA certificate, the mobile unit must be present at the fixed site during MQSA inspections.

Scenario II

A mobile unit owned and operated by a single entity must designate a single lead interpreting physician in order to accredit and certify as a single facility.

Scenario III

A mobile unit owned by a single entity servicing multiple sites with different lead interpreting physicians must accredit and certify as separate facilities.

These scenarios are outlined in the table below: 

Mobile Scenario Examples

Mobile Unit Owner





Mammo Service Provider/


Lead MD

I. Mobile unit owned and operated by a single, fixed accredited and certified facility; services 3 sitesA.
1. B HospitalA HospitalDr. QOption 1: Accredit the mobile unit under the fixed facility’s (A Hospital) MQSA certification
Option 2: Accredit and certify the mobile unit as a separate facility
2. C Nursing HomeA HospitalDr. Q
3. D Health CenterA HospitalDr. Q
II. Independent mobile service owned and operated by a single entity; services 3 sitesE.
Mobile Co.
1. F HospitalE Mobile Co.Dr. SOption 1: Accredit and certify the mobile unit as 1 facility (E Mobile Co.)
Option 2: Accredit and certify the mobile unit as 3 separate facilities
2. G HospitalE Mobile Co.Dr. S
3. H HospitalE Mobile Co.Dr. S
III. Independent mobile service owned by a single entity; services 5 sites, with 3 different lead interpreting physiciansI.
Mobile Co.
1. J HospitalJ HospitalDr. UAccredit and certify as 1 facility (either I Mobile Co. or J Hospital)
2. K HospitalK HospitalDr. VOption 1: Accredit and certify as 1 facility; only 1 owner may be designated (either I Mobile Co., K Hospital or L Hospital)
Option 2: Accredit and certify the mobile unit as 2 separate facilities (K Hospital and L Hospital)
3. L HospitalL HospitalDr. V
4. M HospitalM HospitalDr. WAccredit and certify as 1 facility; only 1 owner may be designated (either I Mobile Co. or M Hospital)
5. N Nursing HomeM HospitalDr. W

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