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Facility Organization and Management (Revised 12-12-19)

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FO 1.0 - Facility Organization and Management

Standard: The facility should have clearly defined lines of authority including subspecialty services as appropriate.

Elements of compliance:

  • FO 1.1 Responsibilities and reporting lines should be defined in job descriptions for each category of staff.

  • FO 1.2 The facility should have scheduled hours of service to meet the needs of their defined patient population.

  • FO 1.3 The facility must have adequate access for disabled patients.

  • FO 1.4 The facility should ensure that there is at least one Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certified individual in the department when cardiac imaging is performed. An Advanced Radiology Life Support (ARLS) certified individual would be acceptable for sites that perform contrast studies.

  •  FO 1.5 If interventional procedures are performed there must be a policy on how to admit a patient if complications arise.

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