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Utilization Review and Appropriateness of Services (Revised 12-12-19)

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UR 1.0 - Utilization Review and Appropriateness of Services

Standard: The entity should have in place a system to ensure appropriate utilization of services offered.

Elements of Compliance:

  • UR 1.1 The entity provides patient education materials related to imaging appropriateness, such as Image Gently materials.

  • UR 1.2 The entity will verify whether the patient had prior imaging studies of the same anatomic area and consult with the referring provider regarding the most appropriate course of action.

  • UR 1.3 The entity should provide consultative services to ordering/referring providers to assist in determination of the most appropriate exam(s) as necessary or appropriate. There should be a process to ensure exam indications, advantages-benefits and limitation-risks are readily available to the referring provider. Information on radiation exposure/risk is essential.

  • UR 1.4 The entity should have a written policy and procedure for verifying that orders contain enough standardized information about modality, body region, contrast, clinical indication, medications, etc.

  • UR 1.5 The entity has policies for use of specific protocols aimed at reducing unwarranted, inappropriate procedures (e.g. routine use of combined without and with contrast studies).

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