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Continuous Quality Improvement: Radiation Oncology (Revised 3-25-2024)

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The Medical Director of Radiation Oncology will be responsible for the institution and ongoing supervision of the continuous quality improvement program. Elements of the program include the following:

  • Chart review is required and should include cases in which there is a variation from the prescription of greater than 10% of the intended total dose, new modalities or techniques, and charts in which an incident report is filed

  • Morbidity and mortality review

  • Review of internal outcome studies (patient related to post-treatment issues, i.e., side effects, quality of life) which include radiation oncology patients

  • Focus studies (Facility Practice Improvement- department improvement activities/projects that are measured)

  • Individual physician/physicist peer review (AAPM TG-103 for solo physicist only)

  • Patient satisfaction surveys

  • New patient conferences

  • Port film/image review

  • Chart rounds

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