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Questions About Accreditation? (Revised 12-12-19)

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If you have questions about your facility's accreditation, visit the ACR’s Accreditation Website today! With just a click of the mouse you have user-friendly 24/7 access to the complete array of the ACR’s highly respected accreditation programs. This includes easy-to-use applications, testing and quality control forms for each modality.

Accreditation support is available online. Search our database of accreditation-related articles, or, if you are unable to find the answers you need through the search feature, submit a support ticket.

Clicking on “new support ticket” will allow you to enter some information about yourself and your query:

After you submit your support ticket, you will receive an automatic response from the online support system; this email will advise you regarding expected response time. Response time depends largely upon the complexity of the query and the need for ACR staff to research the topic in question, but staff members strive to respond within two days, and in many cases the response is immediate.

If our online information does not address your specific question, please contact the ACR.

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The Accreditation Process
The Accreditation Process: Mammography
The Accreditation Process: Radiation Oncology

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