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Time Requirements: Mammography (Revised 12-12-19)

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All materials and correspondence including renewal materials, testing materials and final reports will be sent to either the online contact person or to the attention of the lead interpreting physician at the practice site. This individual or his/her designee will be responsible for distributing the materials to the appropriate staff and should provide adequate support for staff to complete the accreditation program materials within the designated time frame. If you do not receive these notifications, please log into your ACRedit account and check the email addresses on file.

The accreditation process will be completed through the ACR’s online accreditation system (see our articles on registering and managing your modalities in ACRedit). After your initial, renewal or reinstatement application is submitted and your testing package is created, you have 45 calendar days from the date the testing materials are available to submit the completed application and testing materials to the ACR.

Compliance with designated time frames is mandatory. Submission of all accreditation materials is subject to set timelines in order to provide adequate time for review, feedback and resubmission of testing materials, and to ensure that facilities complete the accreditation process in a timely manner. Failure to comply with established timeframes can result in failing accreditation for non-compliance. Application fees will not be refunded.

If you cannot meet this 45-day time limit, the ACR cannot guarantee completion of the accreditation process (this includes reviewing all submitted testing and application materials as well as issuing a final report) before your MQSA (or provisional) certificate expires. Consequently, the ACR does not grant extensions to the 45-day time limit. We recommend that you keep the ACR informed of the reasons for the delay and submit your completed materials as soon as possible. Facilities should allow a total of at least 6 months for the full reaccreditation process to be completed. You may not legally perform mammography if your FDA certificate expires. 

If information is submitted by the deadlines provided, the accreditation review takes approximately 60 days from the time the ACR receives all required testing materials. You should receive your results soon after that.

If the final report indicates a deficiency or failure, the facility must submit an option form to proceed with the accreditation process. For film submissions, the option form is available 48 hours after images are returned to your facility. For uploaded submissions, the option form is available 48 hours after the final report is issued. Option forms are due within 15 days of the form being sent. If a deficient unit is eligible to repeat, the option form will automatically submit when the report is issued.

Repeat submissions are due within 20 days of the final report date.

Appeals should be submitted within 20 days of the final report date. If you have appealed an adverse decision, you should receive the appeal results within 30-45 days of the date all required appeal materials were received by the ACR.

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