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Please see separate guidelines for mammography and radiation oncology.

Adding a New Modality

If you are the ACRedit login user for an existing modality at the location and wish to submit an application for a new modality, from your ACRedit home screen, go to “my modalities” and click on “modality details”:

Then click on "Add Modality" in the upper left corner:

If you are not the login user for an existing modality at the accredited location, you must apply as a new facility. Go to “my applications” and click one of the “add facility” links just above or just below the table of existing facilities. You will be required to enter facility information such as name, address, modality information, unit information, exam selection, and personnel. You will be able to link the modality to the other accreditation accounts at your facility during the application process.

Adding a New Module or Patient Type

Go to “my modalities” and click “units/modules” for the facility to which you would like to add the module.

Select “add module” on the list of units. Once the added module is approved, it will receive the same expiration date as the unit. You will be required to retest the added module upon renewal. Added modules or patient types may include clinical and/or phantom testing.

Location Changes

When a modality moves accredited units to a new address, the address change must be submitted online. Each moved modality must complete a relocation application. Log on to your ACRedit home page and click on “my modalities”. Click the “modality details” link for the site you wish to relocate, and click the “change” button next to the location address. ACRedit will prompt you for additional information. Please be advised that additional testing and fees may be associated with a relocation. For example, nuclear medicine, PET, CT and MR sites have to submit phantom testing and medical physicist’s equipment evaluations for any unit that is relocated. Stereotactic Breast Biopsy sites have to submit a medical physicist’s evaluation of the moved unit.

Changing the Facility or Modality Name

The facility name is the legal business name of a facility. This name should be the same for all types of imaging at the location. For CMS/MIPPA sites, this name is the name you enrolled with Medicare. The facility name only needs to be changed one time for a geographic location. To change the facility name, go to “my modalities,” click “modality details,” and click the “change” button next to “facility name”. Enter the new facility name on the page that follows:

The modality name is the name of the facility and can be specific to the imaging modality. The modality name appears on the certificate. The modality name needs to be changed for each imaging account/modality. To change the modality name, go to “my modalities”, click “modality details”, and click “change” next to “modality name”. Click “next” to enter the new modality name and enter payment information, if applicable. The ACRedit system will ask whether you would like a new ACR certificate in the modality name change application. Note: there is a fee for new certificates.

Facility and Modality Closures

If you are closing a facility or modality, you must close the online accreditation account. Each modality closing at a facility must complete the closure application and submit a signed closure form (both through ACRedit). Your modality will no longer be listed as accredited on the ACR accredited facility search and you must take down all signage for the closed modality. To close: go to “my modalities”, click “modality details”, and click “close modality”.

Personnel Changes

As stated in the signed accreditation survey agreement, the facility must report updates to supervising physicians, equipment, or staff. You may add, edit, and delete personnel from the user side of the accreditation system when you do not have a cycle in progress.

To update personnel, go to “my modalities”, click “modality details”, and click “personnel”. The personnel list is divided by role: physician, physicist, technologist, and other personnel.

“Other Personnel” includes administrative staff, assistants, consultants, or billing coordinators who may call the ACR to discuss your account; ACR accreditation information is privileged and confidential; individuals MUST be on the personnel list to discuss a specific accreditation account when calling the ACR.

Facility supervising physician may be changed under “my modalities.” Click “modality details” and “change” next to the supervising physician’s name. The change will not reflect on the account until the updated Practice Site Survey Agreement (accessed through ACRedit) is received.

In the event of an ownership change, accreditation does not automatically transfer to the new owners. Immediate notification to the ACR is required if the ownership of the operating location has changed from that which was listed in the Survey Agreement.  Please have an individual listed on the account contact the ACR to request a Change of Ownership Form

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