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This article applies to all modalities except radiation oncology.  

Click here for a video demonstrating the ACRedit Web Client image upload process

The ACRedit Web Client requires no download or installation of any software to your computer or network. An internet connection and access to the images on your computer hard drive, network or CD/DVD/thumb drive are required. The ACRedit Web Client requires the use of an up-to-date web browser. The following browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer – IE 10 or above

  • Google Chrome – Chrome 22 or above

  • Safari – Safari 5 or above

  • Mozilla Firefox – Firefox 27 or above

  • Edge – 40 or above

Once in your testing package, on the left side panel you will click on "Upload Images". When you select ACRedit Web Client, a window like the one below will appear. Here, you may view supported file types for each modality, get further instruction and view/upload images. DICOM images are required for most modalities but preferred for all modalities. Please note that some modalities/exams may allow images to be uploaded as jpeg, jpg, png, gif, tif, tiff or bmp files. 

To upload images, click “File Upload” or “Folder Upload” (if available).

Browser Type

Version Required

Upload Files?

Upload Folders?

Internet Explorer

10 or above




22 or above




27 or above


Yes (v 60 or above only)


40 or above




5 or above



This will open a new window allowing you to navigate to the image files for upload. For many examinations, images will be stored in separate folders for each series of images. If that is the case, it is necessary to click “File Upload” or “Folder Upload” separately for each series in a particular examination. You may, however, select multiple files from a particular folder with your selection. To select all files from a folder, press “Ctrl+A” after selecting a file.

An uploading message and progress bar will appear while your files and/or folders are uploading. Please note that it may take a few seconds before you see this uploading message and progress bar. Once the images are uploaded, you may also remove one file or all files by clicking the red 'X' on the right side of the screen.

Once all exams have been uploaded, you must view the images by clicking the “View” button. 

The NilRead DICOM viewer will open in a new browser window, displaying the uploaded images. If a new window does not open, check your browser settings and make sure pop-up blockers are turned off.

The NilRead DICOM viewer is the viewer used by ACR to review your images. It is important to view all the uploaded images prior to submitting the testing package to ensure all required images have been uploaded and can be viewed successfully in the NilRead DICOM viewer. In addition, all MRI phantom images as well as mammography clinical images, should be evaluated with the NilRead DICOM viewer to ensure that proper ruler and region of interest (ROI) measurements can be obtained. For MRI DICOM phantom images, the ROI measurement should be obtained using the ROI Elipse tool and must display in millimeters (mm). For mammography DICOM clinical images, the ruler measurement must also display in millimeters (mm).

If you cannot view the images in this NilRead DICOM viewer or establish proper measurements on the MRI phantom or mammography clinical images, do not submit the images. Only images that are viewable and measurable in the NilRead DICOM viewer should be submitted.

When you have finished uploading images for that examination, click the “Ready for Submission” box in the upper right corner of that exam.  

You may log out of ACRedit or ACRedit Plus application and finish later or click “next” to progress.

When you are finished uploading the images for all examinations, click on “Image Upload Summary” adn save the summary for your records. 

Once all the testing materials have been uploaded and all items are checked with a green check mark on the left navigation menu, you may submit your testing package. Note: changes to the uploaded images cannot be made after the testing package is submitted.

Viewing Your Images After Submission

To view your submitted images, click on “My Testing Packages” and then “View Uploaded Images” once the link is available. Please note that it may take several hours for submitted images to become available for your review.

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