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Note: Information regarding Passing Results in Mammography and Passing Results in Radiation Oncology differs and is presented separately.

At the completion of the accreditation review process, the ACR will create a separate, confidential final report for each modality. This peer review document discusses the results of the evaluation, defines areas that can be improved, and provides recommendations for consideration by the facility.

Full accreditation in the modality is only granted when all modules or units have passed the complete evaluation process or the facility has notified the ACR in writing that any module or unit that did not pass has been withdrawn from service. The 3-year period of accreditation extends from the date the first module or unit passes the full evaluation.

Your modality supervising/lead interpreting physician, facility administrator technologist contact and facility login person will receive email notifications when a final report has been issued. The facility login person will be instructed to log into the ACRedit database to view the final report. The information included in your report is privileged and confidential; therefore, results will not be provided by phone or fax.


Marketing Your Accreditation

Once accreditation has been achieved, the ACR will send the facility a certificate suitable for framing and a URL to an exclusive online marketing kit customized for the specific modality to assist in promoting this success within its community and to patients and referring physicians. The online marketing toolkit materials include a press release template and patient education brochures, as well as a modality-specific gold seal that may be used on the accredited unit, reports, facility letterhead, website, advertising, etc.

In addition, all sites fully accredited by the ACR (and those under review) will be listed by accreditation program and state on the ACR’s Accreditation Website.

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