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Marketing Your Accreditation (Revised 06-2021)

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Once accreditation has been achieved, the ACR will provide the facility a certificate and a URL to an exclusive online marketing kit that is customized for the specific modality. The marketing kit is designed to assist facilities in promoting this success within their community, to their patients and to referring physicians. The online marketing toolkit includes the following downloadable materials: 

  • A press release template for you to customize on your facility’s letterhead

  • “We Are Patients” campaign materials: Videos and customizable advertisements for ACR chapters and members for use on your facility’s website and in your facility’s publications.

  • Patient education brochures on subjects such as radiation exposure 

  • A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document for use on your facility’s website, providing answers to patients’ most asked questions about radiation safety and ACR accreditation. 

  • A modality-specific gold seal – in both JPG and EPS formats - that may be used:

    • On the accredited unit

    • On reports

    • On facility letterhead

    • On referral pads

    • On billing statements

    • On the facility website

    • In advertising


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Separate marketing toolkits are also provided for those facilities designated as Diagnostic Imaging Centers of Excellence, Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence and ACR Lung Cancer Screening Centers.


In addition, all sites fully accredited by the ACR (and those under review) will be listed by accreditation program and searchable by state through the Accredited Facility Search on the ACR’s accreditation website. Accredited facilities also have the opportunity to be featured in the ACR’s Accredited Facility Showcase.


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