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Passing Results: Radiation Oncology (Revised 12-12-19)

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At the completion of the accreditation review process, the ACR will issue a confidential final report to the radiation oncologist who requested your on-site survey. The report is generally sent 8-12 weeks following the survey. This peer review document is based on the findings of the surveyors, as well as information provided in the initial application and verified by the surveyors. The accreditation report includes:

  • Comparison of facility/staffing data with the accredited facilities data

  • Evaluation of facility‚Äôs compliance with parameters, technical standards, and program requirements from application information and review by surveyors

  • Surveyor comments on individual case reviews

  • Specific recommendations for improvement

Your radiation oncologist will receive email notification when a final report has been issued. He or she will be instructed to log in to the ROPA database to view the report.

As an accredited facility, the ACR will provide you with customizable materials for Marketing Your Accreditation.

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