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Technique Parameters and Anatomic Coverage: CT - Adult Cardiac Module (Revised 1-8-2024)

Revision History

Important: All items in bold in the Technique Parameters and Anatomic Coverage sections below are required to successfully achieve accreditation. CTDIvol information is required for each study. Either include a screen save of the dose with the images, or enter the dose as displayed by the scanner in the Clinical Test Image Data Sheet. Upload the primary reconstructed images used for diagnostic interpretations; include the scout(s) and dose report. Do NOT submit the sagittal, coronal and extra thin images unless specifically listed under required series. 

Adult Coronary CTA

Technique Parameters

Required Series

Best phase of contrast enhanced axial images (only submit the one best phase set of axial images and the required screen shots. Additional cardiac phases, multiplanar views and reconstructions should not be submitted)

Dose Reduction

Required (dose modulation, prospective gating or automatic dose reduction)

Reconstructed Slice Width

≤ 1 mm

Reconstruction Algorithm



  • ≤ 50 mGy prospective gating 

  • ≤ 150 mGy retrospective gating 

  • CTDIvol information on dose received is required


  • < 1400 mGy-cm for retrospective gating 

  • < 700 mGy-cm for prospective gating


The use of prospective gating is encouraged whenever possible (if retrospective gating is used, include justification in the “other symptoms, abnormal studies or pertinent information” section of the Clinical Test Image Datasheet)

Anatomical Coverage


Scan must cover the entire coronary circulation and heart (In regard to obtaining a calcium score exam, the patient's specific clinical scenario should be considered to evaluate whether or not the calcium score exam is of additive benefit.)

Required MPR's (MIPS only are not an acceptable substitute for the required MPRs)

  • CTDIvol and DLP  

  • Scout with locations displayed

  • Required reformats should be submitted without centerline tracing

  • Curved or straight multiplanar reformat of the entire LAD 

  • Curved or straight multiplanar reformat of the entire LCX 

  • Curved or straight multiplanar reformat of the entire OM1 or first large OM or RCA

Revision History for this Article



Description of Revision(s)



Article created; FAQs incorporated


Technique Parameters

Added DLP requirements



Changed coverage to "Scan must cover the entire coronary circulation and heart". It was incorrectly listed as lung apex to below lung bases.


Required Screen Shots

Added "or RCA"


Added information to important notice about submitted the primary reconstructed images


Required series

Added bullet stating required reformats should be submitted without centerline tracing


Anatomical Coverage

Changed required screen shots to required MPRS


Anatomical Coverage

Changed required MPRs to curved or straight multiplanar reformats of entire LAD, LCX and OM1 (or first large OM or RCA)


Anatomical Coverage

Edited coverage language

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