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Passing Results: Mammography (Revised 12-12-19)

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At the completion of the accreditation review process (within approximately 60 days of receiving the testing materials), the ACR will create a confidential final report. This peer review document discusses the results of the evaluation, defines areas for improvement, and provides recommendations for consideration by the facility.

In 2012, the first-attempt pass rate for new or renewing units was 93.8%. This shows that mammography has improved significantly since MQSA went into effect in 1994 (when the pass rate was only 70%). For more information, see The ACR’s Mammography Accreditation Program: Ten Years of Experience Since MQSA.

FDA requires accrediting bodies to report the results of the accreditation process to facilities in writing. Further, the ACR’s Mammography Accreditation Program is a peer-review process; the information we receive is considered privileged and confidential. This includes information received or developed during the accreditation process.

Full accreditation in the modality is only granted when all units have passed the complete evaluation process or the facility has notified the ACR in writing that any unit that did not pass has been withdrawn from service. The three year period of accreditation extends from the date the first unit passes the full evaluation.

The lead interpreting physician, contact person and facility login person will receive email notification when a final report has been issued. The facility login person will be instructed to log into ACRedit to view the final report. The information included in your report is privileged and confidential; therefore, results will not be provided by phone or fax.

When the facility’s unit passes accreditation:

  • The ACR will send the facility a 3-year accreditation certificate and decal for each unit, notify the FDA of the unit’s approval, and list the accredited facility on the ACR website.

  • The FDA (or state certifying body) will provide the facility a full, 3-year MQSA certificate. This certificate covers any unit for an FDA-approved mammographic modality.

Because the FDA and certifying states certify facilities rather than units, each accredited unit must have the same expiration date, regardless of when it was accredited. The MQSA certificate will have the same expiration date as the ACR accreditation expiration.

The facility’s original images will be returned if the images were submitted to the ACR on hard copy film.

As an accredited facility, the ACR will provide you with customizable materials for Marketing Your Accreditation.

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