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Complete Accreditation Information: MRI (Revised 11-10-2022)

Revision History

Whether you have a specific question regarding MRI accreditation, or need comprehensive information to help you prepare your application, this page will be useful in providing links to all articles relevant to the MRI accreditation process. Click on a button below to find the articles most relevant to your needs. 

Revision History for this Article



Description of Revision(s)



Article created; FAQs incorporated; No criteria changes

9-2-2021FormsUpdated link to Clinical Data Form, large/medium phantom order form and added Large-Medium Phantom Guidance and Medium Phantom Grace Period Guidance links
10-1-2021FormsUpdated links to the large and small phantom order forms. Added links to the medium and 7T phantom order forms. 
10-27-2021FormsAdded link to Medium Phantom Weekly MRI Equipment QC form
11-18-2021FormsAdded "Coming Soon" to the Large/Medium Phantom Data Form. Re-added Large Phantom Data Form. 
10-19-2022FormsUpdated the Large and Medium Phantom Test Guidance and Medium Phantom Grace Period Guidance links
11-10-2022Submit/Manage; Forms
Added links related to the registration process; Updated site visit forms

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